We believe in the holistic approach to education, therefore encouraging learners to participate in a variety of sport throughout the year.

Beginner and Social Swimming

Social Swimming is for girls that enjoy swimming but do not wish to compete. Beginner Swimming is for girls who are still learning how to swim. We believe that being able to swim it a vital life skill and encourage every girl to participate in one of the three options. There is limited space in the beginner and social swimming lessons because the teachers need to be able to give each learner attention and manage the group safely. The spaces in the class are on a first come first serve basis at the beginning of the term when the learners sign up.


Twice a week the school bus is taken to Emmarentia Dam for their Canoeing sessions. Each girl has a membership at the Dabulamanzi Canoeing Club which is based at Emmarentia and gives her access to the club boats as well as the school boats which are stored at the club. The team compete in races over the weekends which includes sprints and long distance.

The team competes at SA Schools Champs which proves to be challenging but a great experience for the girls. Canoeing is a great sport for girls to try something different, build body strength and get out onto open water.

Cross Country

We have Cross Country as well as Social Running. Social Running is generally a feeder into the Cross Country Team but also is an option for girls who would like to run but not necessarily compete in races.

Our Cross Country Team competes in the Johannesburg league which runs throughout our second term. They generally have one race per week and travel to various venues which have set out courses for the girls to follow. The courses include inclines and declines which keep the races very interesting.

Once a year the school competes in an Inter-house Cross Country, where every girl gets involved and a course is set out within the school property. The afternoon is festive and fun.


We have a wide range of divers from beginners to advanced. It is a summer sport that competes in Saturday competitions, in Term 1. Diving teaches discipline and builds strength, it is a beautiful sport to watch. Diving is limited to learners that can swim confidently to ensure the safety of our learners.


Fitness occurs twice a week and is open to anyone. Each week has different exercises and is focused around strength and conditioning training to reduce injuries while learners are in season for their specific sport. There is a morning sessions, before school and an afternoon session.


Hockey is one of the largest sports. We have a total of 8 teams ranging from U14 B to First Team. We compete in the Southern Gauteng Schools’ League in the A section, as well as multiple tournaments and the All Girls’ Schools’ Festival every year. Our new AstroTurf was competed in November 2017 and has already made a huge difference to the quality of Parktown hockey and our players are now able to learn AstroTurf skills from the moment they join in Grade 8 as well as play a much faster game.

Every year we have a handful of District and Gauteng representatives, in 2018 we have a total of 7 players throughout the age groups. The atmosphere and the energy that surrounds our hockey fields is tremendous and the teams support end encourage each other at every match.


Netball is one of the larger sports that is played in the Winter season. We start pre-season during the first term and continue with league matches and tournaments in the second term. Our Netball teams compete in the All Girls’ Schools’ Festival every year as well as multiple tournaments throughout the season. Our teams regularly place in the top 3 of the league, with our First Team placing first in the league for 3 consecutive years. We currently have 12 netball teams from U14 level to the First Team.


Soccer is growing every year at Parktown High School for Girls. We currently have 4 teams with 3 entered into the league. We participate in the JVW league which has very high competition from schools all over Johannesburg. Soccer has a great atmosphere of spirit and spunk. Every year our teams do well in the JVW League, resulting in Parktown High School for Girls being the Top Soccer School in Gauteng after the 2017 season and being the only school to have all three of our A teams make it through to the JVW play-offs.


Softball is not a traditional South African sport, although our girls enjoy it tremendously. The league seems to grow every year and so does the competition. Parktown High School for Girls has finished high in the league every year for the past few years and have a handful of Gauteng representatives each season. We currently have 3 teams which compete in the league and the JSA annual tournament. Softball is a team sport which has a wonderful atmosphere and encourages girls to try something new.

​Sole Survivors

Our walking club is open to anyone that prefers walking instead of running, the sole survivors generally walk to either a historical venue, which they then learn about, or to a beautiful area within the surrounding suburbs. The girls gather at school and plan a different route to walk each week. This extra-mural, although not very strenuous has built friendships and opened doors to learning in a different environment.


Squash is a relatively small sport at Parktown High School for Girls, but is growing slowly each year. We currently have two teams which compete in the Johannesburg Squash League. Our teams train at Parkview Squash Centre which is a short distance from the school. Squash is splayed throughout the year, with league fixtures in the first term and friendly fixtures in the fourth term. Squash is an individual sport which requires a strong mental mind and it allows girls to improve their strength, agility and speed.


Swimming is a popular sport at Parktown High School for Girls. We have an A and a B team which trains in the mornings and afternoons. The team competes in the Johannesburg Schools’ league and at Inter-high annually. We are currently in the A Section of Inter-high.


Tennis is a popular sport at Parktown High School for Girls. We currently have three teams which compete in the league and at Inter-high every year. We have six designated tennis courts which are used for training through the year. Inter-high is held in the beginning of the year in term 1 together with league fixtures and there are further league fixtures through terms 3 and 4.

We also have Beginner Tennis for girls who would like to play socially or need a bit more practice before making a team. This is held on a separate day to accommodate the players with more space on the courts.

Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby is a very popular sport at Parktown High School for Girls. We currently have six teams in the league. Our teams have been very successful over the past few years, often being unbeaten. This year we have 10 Gauteng representatives and many Old Girls who have continued after school to represent Gauteng and South Africa.

Touch Rugby is a team sport which encourage team work and demands physical and mental fitness.

Parktown High School for Girls host the only schools Touch Rugby Tournament in Johannesburg. Multiple schools attend to display the best of Gauteng schools Touch Rugby.

Water Polo

Water Polo is a relatively new sport at Parktown High School for Girls. It is growing each year and we currently have three teams. We are currently in the schools B league and working our way up to the A league as we placed second in the league after the 2017 season.

Water Polo is great sport for girls to improve their swimming fitness as well as full body strength. There is great energy and team spirit around the swimming pool and every girl is eager to improve and have fun.


Yoga is a non-competitive extramural which allows the girls to physically push their bodies and find a form of relaxation from a very busy school life. Yoga is a mindful activity which strengthens the body and mind and stretches the muscles. Yoga is recommended to keep muscles strong and reduce the risk of injury for other sports.

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