Parents’ Association

Passionate and Proud

Mrs K Lachman


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As a school we value and encourage the participation of parents. The Parent’s Association plays a very important role in the school and provides a platform for parents/guardians to get involved and to support the school and their daughter/ward, through fundraising and other activities. The money raised by the Parent’s Association always goes towards tangible items such as the school bus, the waiting area, paving etc. which adds enormous value to the school.

Some of the PA’s Annual Fundraisers/Events:

New parents Meet and Greet: January
Fun Day: February
Social: March
Action Day: March (a week before Open Day)
Parktown Puzzling: May
Golf Day: August / September
The Small Stalls Christmas Market: November

Contact Us

Tyrone Ave, Parkview
011 593-5900

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