Admissions 2023

Admissions 2023

Admissions (Grade 7 enrolment to Grade 8) for all learners from public ordinary schools
22 July - 19 August 2022
Applications open on 22 July 2022 at 08:00 AM

A step-by-step guide on how to use the online portal is available here

Online Admission Procedure Grade 8 (2023)

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Information Form Grade 8 (2023)

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Admissions Procedure Grade 9-11 (2023)

Admissions will open on 22 July 2022.
Applications will only be considered should the school have space in the particular grade applied for.
We request that you complete the Grade 9-11 Application Form which can be downloaded from the website and emailed, together with ALL supporting documents, to:
Due to Covid-19, parents will be not be permitted to hand in documents at the school office

  • The following documents are required:
  • Learner’s Unabridged Birth Certificate
  • Learner’s latest school report
  • ID/Passport of both parents/guardians (where there are two parents/guardians)
  • Proof of Residence with whom the learner resides
  • Proof of employment for both parents (where there are two parents/guardians)
  • Passport size photo of learner


  • A CERTIFIED copy of your daughter/ward’s valid passport
  • A CERTIFIED copy of your daughter/ward’s valid study permit
  • CERTIFIED copies of both Parent/Legal Guardian’s valid passport
  • CERTIFIED copies of official permanent residence and study permit documents; diplomats to submit copies of passports and diplomatic identities

On receipt of the application, with correct documentation, a waiting list number will be sent to the email address reflected on the application form.
The language of instruction at the school is English with the obvious exception of other languages offered as additional languages. It is in the best interests of the learner that they are able to cope in an English medium environment.
Priority will be given to learners whose parents/legal guardians (as recognised by SA law)

  • comply in full with the Admission Procedure, submitting all documentation on time, AND
  • who permanently reside in the area for which the School is the nearest suitable school

If space permits, following the application of the above criteria, preference will be given to learners who

  • have strong academic ability to be able to cope with the high standards expected at the school
  • have specialised skills or talents that the school has the potential to develop
  • are able to cope in a traditional girl’s school environment

Preference will also be given to those who

  • have siblings who are either at the school or who are Old Girls of the school, or
  • have a Mother who is an Old Girl of the school
  • have a sibling at one of the local boys’ schools


  • The School Governing Body has resolved that the Headmistress will administer and decide on admission in accordance with the Department of Education’s Admission Policy and the SGB Admissions Policy
  • Residential address should be that of the parent or legal guardian. If the guardian is not the biological parent, proof of legal guardianship (as recognised by SA law), including a commitment to pay school fees, must accompany the application. The applicant must permanently reside at that address
  • Should the School become aware of any fraudulent documentation or information submitted, the application will immediately be disqualified and will not be considered.
Application Form Grade 9-11 (2023)

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